Micromedical VisualEyesTM 505

Video Frenzel

Perform routine eye movement recordings and positioning tests with ease

A wide range of features

Touch-enabled user interface

Video Frenzel is touch capable, runs on Windows® 10 and has voice prompts and several remote options that allow a simple hands free interaction with the software.

Superior video playback

  • Playback in slow motion or frame by frame
  • Crosshairs displayed during playback
  • Time line scrolls to show location in raw data tracing synchronized with video
  • Store videos in a folder on the main screen

Situational camera

  • Record patient comments and case history
  • Capture positional maneuvers with sound
  • Patient interview before and after testing

Default and user designed protocols

Define your own protocols or edit the existing.

  • Spontaneous headshake
  • Dix-Hallpike Left
  • Dix-Hallpike Right

Video recording

Displays eye and situation camera images on the screen and use the slider bar to determine the size of each image.

  • Recording indicator with elapsed time
  • Video files are stored in .AVI file format

Remote controlled testing

It is possible to step through the tests using the USB connected foot pedal, hand-held remote or goggle button. NB. Goggle button is only available in the US.

Secondary monitor display

  • Full-field visual stimuli
  • Eyes displayed during non-oculomotor tests
  • View patient eyes from anywhere in the room

Optimal care and support to dizzy patients

The new Video Frenzel software offers a more simple user interface for easy touch operation so observation and recording of eye movements is easy to carry out.
The industry’s leading goggle design

The Goggle

Side mounted goggle

Interacoustics 2D VOG with USB cameras. The cameras plug into the included, externally powered USB hub.

Top mounted goggle

MMT BG 3.0 goggle with USB enabled cameras. Each camera plugs into a separate USB port on the included, externally powered USB hub.

Front mounted goggle

Front mounted USB camera in monocular goggle configuration. The camera plugs into the included, externally powered USB hub.