VisualEyesTM 515/525

Enhanced user experience
A wide range of features

Touch-enabled user interface

  • Designed with touch capability in mind
  • Shortest time from test to conclusion
  • Intuitive design

Situational camera

  • Record patient comments and case history
  • Capture positional maneuvers with sound
  • Patient interview before and after testing

Secondary monitor display

  • Full-field visual stimuli
  • Eyes displayed during non-oculomotor tests
  • View patient eyes from anywhere in the room

Superior video playback

  • Playback in slow motion or frame by frame
  • Crosshairs displayed during playback
  • Time line scrolls to show location in raw data tracing synchronized with video
  • Store videos in a folder on the main screen

Video Frenzel for 525 NEW

  • No pre-set recording time limitation
  • Pause/resume function during recording
  • Slider bar to change aspect ratio between eye image and room image
  • Record sound and image

Report/findings templates NEW

  • Use default or create customizable reports
  • Default findings for easy report writing
  • Seamlessly drop OtoAccess® patient demographics fields into reports
  • Create custom findings for report writing

Voice timer with audio cues

  • Choose voice, beep or both
  • Option to count down or up
  • Cues for positioning the patient

Remote controlled testing

It is possible to step through the tests using the USB connected foot pedal, hand-held remote or goggle button (goggle button only available in the US).

Rotary chair capability NEW

The VisualEyesTM system includes several rotational chair tests, such as sinusoidal harmonic acceleration (SHA) test, Step Rotation test, VOR Suppression test and Visual VOR test.

Side mounted goggle

Interacoustics 2D VOG with USB cameras. The cameras plug into the included, externally powered USB hub.

Top mounted goggle

MMT BG 3.0 goggle with USB enabled cameras. Each camera plugs into a separate USB port on the included, externally powered USB hub.

Front mounted goggle

Front mounted USB camera in monocular goggle configuration. The camera plugs into the included, externally powered USB hub.

VisualEyesTM 515

The standard Interacoustics VNG platform with protocols for vestibular analysis.
  • Calibration
  • Spontaneous Nystagmus
  • Dix Hallpike
  • Positional
  • Bithermal Caloric

VisualEyesTM 525

Extended version with oculomotor tests including all standard protocols from the VisualEyesTM 515.
  • Gaze
  • Smooth Pursuit
  • Random Saccade
  • Optokinetic

The Interacoustics Video Frenzel goggles are ideal for vestibular rehabilitation. They are easy to use and provide high quality video. The ability to record video is essential for complex cases, student and patient education. The goggles are comfortable for patients. This system is the best I have used as a clinician specializing in vestibular physical therapy.

UPMC, University of Pittsburgh Department of Physical Therapy Pam Dunlap, PT, DPT, NCS