The AC40 full two channel audiometer includes all the advanced features and functions needed by a modern clinic.
  • Full clinical test battery with dedicated screen layouts
  • Pre-programmed, user-defined or automated test sequences
  • Patient counseling tools

Work as you prefer

As a standalone audiometer AC40 provides all the necessary air, bone and masking features required for advanced diagnostic and clinical use.

A wide range of applications

The AC40 offers a comprehensive test battery for a wide range of advanced diagnostic and research applications. AC40 also includes features making it ideal for pediatric applications and hearing aid fitting and comes with a powerful built in amplifier for sound field applications.
  • Multi Frequency for tinnitus measurements and ototoxicity monitoring
  • Pediatric Noise for frequency specific noise testing
  • Automatic Testing using Hughson Westlake and Békésy
  • Masking Help and Auto Masking (PC suite only)
  • Masking Level Difference (MLD) – offers a mixture of phase controlled tone and noise stimuli for testing retrocochlear function and CAPD
  • TEN test for diagnosing dead regions of the cochlear
  • Hearing Loss Simulator and Master Hearing Aid for hearing aid verification
  • SISI for differentiating between cochlear and retrocochlear disorders
  • ABLB has its own dedicated screen where any recruitment can be shown in a clear, graphical manner
  • Weber for distinguishing between a conductive and sensorineural hearing loss
  • High Frequency up to 20 kHz
  • Speech Stenger
  • QuickSINTM for automated speech in noise testing

Speech audiometry features

  • Live Voice, CD/MP3 or Wavefiles
  • SRT, Word Recognition, MCL, UCL
  • Recorded Word Recognition Scoring
  • Binaural speech for CAPD applications
  • Built-in Wavefiles

Tone audiometry features

  • Automatic CPT and PTA calculation
  • User defined symbol scheme
  • Speech banana
  • Display masking information
  • Easy access to main functions
  • Built-in wavefiles
  • Media player for recorded speech material

A full counseling solution

The AC40 gives you counseling tools to help engage and connect with your client. Whether you use your main test window or attach an external monitor directly to the AC40, you can utilise a variety of counseling tools available in the Diagnostic Suite PC software program. Customizable counseling overlays include phoneme examples, sound examples, speech banana and severity indications.

Hybrid products lets you choose your preferred workflow with standalone and PC audiometry. B81 and B71 – Compatible with all headbands as well as high-quality cables. The industrial standard of audiometric bone conduction testing. (B71 is optional). Visit RadioEar to learn more about the bone transducers.

Design and efficiency

The ergonomic AC40 includes an articulating, high-resolution 8.4″ color display that presents crystal clear images for easy to read audiograms. The intuitive keypad design enables quick acclimatisation without losing efficiency or speed. Several display choices are available to customize the readout to your personal preference.

„The hybrid interface is the way of the future.“

Aud Audiology Supervisor, Health Partners, MN, USA David A. Geddes

„The B-81 bone vibrator provides higher output and lower harmonic distortion compared to the B71. This may offer a significant clinical advantage. Conductive components of severe hearing losses that cannot be measured with the B71 vibrator may be measurable with the B-81. This is important for medical diagnosis and treatment, programming hearing aids, and determining cochlear implant candidacy.“

Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota Robert H. Margolis

truehybrid-178c776dWhat is true hybrid?

With a true hybrid from Interacoustics, you can change smoothly between computer and instrument without additional training to experience complete freedom with your preferred workflow.